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Pricing Guide:

Personal, Business & Property tax

Price bands per tax year
Earned less than the personal allowance for the tax year from one employer
£75 +
Director of own limited company
£75 +
Received bank interest on savings

£75 +

Earned more than the personal allowance for the tax year£150 +
Have employment benefits or expenses to claim£150 +
Partner in a partnership

£150 +

Had more than one employer£210 +
Member of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)£210 +
Self employed and not VAT registered

£210 +

Landlord with property income£295 +
UK dividends and/or other investment income£295 +
Self employed and VAT registered

£295 +

CIS subcontractor£350 +
Foreign income£350 +
Residence and remittance basis

£350 +

Capital gains or losses
£400 +
Inheritance taxes
£400 +
Trusts and estates£400 +


Company tax, complex tax affairs, compliance services and tax advice are priced separately. Book appointments here >>>

Due to the high volume of work we have in December and January, we charge some additional fees to those listed above:

  • December: additional £12.
  • Early January (on or before 15th January): additional £25.
  • Late January (after 15th January): additional £50.

Additional Services:

  • Bound copy of your return: Sent by registered mail to a UK address (£35) or to a non-UK address (£50).
  • Pay your fees out of tax rebate: If we take our fees from your tax refund we charge an additional £150 now £100.
  • Appealing a penalty starts at £25

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