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X presented by The Chancellor.

1. Public Finances - Turning Point Since 2009-2010 the deficit has fallen by four-fifths, from 9.9% to 1.9%. Public debt peaked in 2016-17 and is now falling. On average, spending on public services will grow 1.2% above inflation a year from next year until 2023-24. 2. Emplo...
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Tax-Free Childcare

July 3, 2017
Did you know, on 21 April the government launched two new childcare schemes for working parents? Tax-Free Childcare is for eligible UK working families, including the self-employed, with children under twelve or under seventeen, if disabled. For every £8 they pay in, the go...
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HMRC has updated its 'fit and proper persons' declaration for charities. Charities must satisfy the 'management condition', so its managers must be 'fit and proper persons'. The guidance explains how HMRC applies the test to people who have the general control and management...
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