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Current list of deliberate tax defaulters updateded

The HMRC list of current (name and shame) deliberate tax defaulters had been updated. The list provides the name of the defaulter, the industry, amount of tax avoided, and penalties charged.

As with previous lists, it includes a number of restaurants, take-aways, cafes, hotels, and bars, along with those in the construction industry.

A few electronics wholesalers and retailers had showed up, including a £954k tax bill plus £501k penalty for a computer and software wholesaler.

A football agency, with a £404k tax liability and £177k in penalties, joins the list. Surprisingly, the largest two by far were a £6.4m tax liability with £4.5m penalties for a property development and hotel business and £5.5m tax bill and £3.5m penalty for an alcohol wholesaler.

HMRC's Current list of deliberate tax defaulters


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