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Tax Planning (Year-End 5/4/2022)

As the tax year end approaches in these uncertain times (5/4/2022). We are presenting you with tax planning opportunities and pitfalls advices for both individuals and businesses as well as dealing with issues around COVID-19 in modules as follows:

Tax for individuals: 

  1. Changes in personal circumstances
  2. International issues 
  3. Transferring wealth 
  4. Issues for employees 
  5. Minimising tax liabilities 
  6. Savings and investments and 
  7. Real estate.

Tax for businesses: 

  1. Starting out in business 
  2. Minimising taxable profits 
  3. Financing the business 
  4. Claiming tax reliefs 
  5. Dealing with employment related issues 
  6. Extracting profits 
  7. Utilising tax losses 
  8. Dealing with groups 
  9. Changing the way the business operates 
  10. Changing the way the business is owned or structured  
  11. Closing or disposing of the business. 

Dealing with issues around COVID-19: 

  1. Issues for employers 
  2. Issues for the self-employed 
  3. Other issues for:
    • VAT-registered, 
    • Occupy property, 
    • SMEs, 
    • Large businesses, and 
    • Tax administration. 
  4. Particular sectors:
    • Aviation, 
    • Charity, 
    • Culture, 
    • Fishing industry, 
    • Innovation, 
    • Nursery, 
    • Pension scheme administration

Contact us for an initial assessment. Fees are priced for each module and in complexity as well as time used.


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