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August 1, 2017

Are you bereaved?

July 23, 2017

Important financial steps

There are important financial actions that you need take in the event of a bereavement. This blog talks you through some of the support that’s available.  'Tell Us Once' is a service that lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go. Th...
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Automatic enrolment updates

Workplace pension contributions are increasing. The minimum amount that employers and their staff need to pay into their pension scheme is going up. On 6 April 2018, the minimum amount employers will have to pay in will be 2% of their staff’s pay, and the amount their staf...
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The HMRC list of current (name and shame) deliberate tax defaulters had been updated. The list provides the name of the defaulter, the industry, amount of tax avoided, and penalties charged. As with previous lists, it includes a number of restaurants, take-aways, cafes, hote...
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Tax credits

July 10, 2017

Don't miss 31 July deadline

If you’re claiming tax credits, We are reminding everyone to renew by the 31 July deadline. If you miss the cut-off date, your tax credit payments will stop and you may have to pay back the tax credits you’ve been given since 6 April 2017....
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Tax-Free Childcare

July 3, 2017
Did you know, on 21 April the government launched two new childcare schemes for working parents? Tax-Free Childcare is for eligible UK working families, including the self-employed, with children under twelve or under seventeen, if disabled. For every £8 they pay in, the go...
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15 questions trustees should ask

In 'The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do (CC3)' the Charity Commission sets out the 6 key duties for charity trustees and what these cover - the top three being: act in the interests of their charity and its beneficiaries protect and safeguard...
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HMRC has updated its 'fit and proper persons' declaration for charities. Charities must satisfy the 'management condition', so its managers must be 'fit and proper persons'. The guidance explains how HMRC applies the test to people who have the general control and management...
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Public benefit reporting by charities

A recent study by the Charity Commission for England & Wales showed that although 90% of the annual reports discussed what the charity was setup to do and its activities during the year, many did not go on to consider what difference they had made to their beneficiaries ...
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Charity fundraising: a guide to trustee duties (CC20) sets out the law and good practice principles for trustees to follow when dealing with fundraising. It highlights the importance of following the recognised standards for fundraising, which are set by the Fundraising Regu...
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